Ziddu was started in the year 2007 and all its unique and innovative features made it a leader in the market within no time. Ziddu is owned by Meridian Enterprises Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based firm. We strongly believe that 'Innovation distinguishes be a leader from a follower.' As Ziddu.com is one of its kinds we offer Global Digital Wallet services along with so many other features which make it a power packed one.

At Ziddu We along with our experienced team of dedicated techies look out to improve the company on a constant basis.

Meet The Team

Meenavalli Venkat, Founder & Chairman

Mr. Venkat is the Techno Entrepreneur, who invests and backs disruptive technologies on internet. He is one of the key architects in defining the early stage of internet roll overs in Wall Street (NASDAQ, Time Warner and Merrill Lynch).

In the year 2000, he invested in the 1st wireless broadband internet company Applogic Broadband Systems in India and merged it with Northgate.

Before Google started Online Ad Network, Venkat pioneered the launch of Online Ad Network Axill.com, which is still the world's top 10 Ad Networks serving >100bn impressions as on date. Venkat is the key force behind Globe7.com, the global VoIP provider spanned across 140 countries. In 2005, before smart phone penetration, he launched the 1st VoIP, Messenger, and Sharing Application Globe7, on PCs which touched the peak of 20million users globally.

He architected a largest student information site. BharatStudent.com. It connected in real-time to more than 70 universities, reaching and delivering real time notifications and results to millions of students as on date. Looking at new disruptive Cloud Technologies, he funded Meridian Tech Pte. Limited, Singapore.

In 2009, he funded and backed High Frequency Trading, Research and Analytical Firm Stampede, with 20 Mathematicians and Statisticians. With the focus in Automation of knowledge Work / Cloud Computing Stampede evolved as an R&D firm for financial markets. He merged it with Brilliant Securities which is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange. Stampede is building a very high end global infrastructure connecting multiple markets to execute the trades within nano seconds. Currently Stampede is a designated market maker in SGX, EUREX, CME, ICE, NSE and connecting to EUREX, HKEX, ASX driving millions of dollars trading volume everyday across the globe in nano seconds. The young techno entrepreneur is a true believer of disruptive technologies and beliefs every bit of information block is worth millions of $$$. He is also true believer of Race to Zero Time.

Ghanshyam Dass, Chief Mentor

Senior Advisor, KPMG. As the senior advisor at KPMG, Ghanshyam assisted KPMG team in the region to develop and further strengthen core businesses, by maximizing business opportunities, optimizing market synergies and complementarities across industry sectors as also strengthening relationship with the Regulators, various trade bodies and Government Departments at Centre and State Level.

Ghanshyam had an outstanding career in domestic, international banking and Capital Markets for over 32 years, during which he developed a firm understanding of the complexities of international markets. He is thoroughly familiar with the regulatory and business environment in USA, European Union, South East Asia, The Middle East, India and other major money-center locations. While working for various organizations in the region, he has been able to establish close and mutually cooperative relationship with most Banks and non-Banking Financial Institutions, Stock Exchanges, Corporates, Regulators and the Government Departments.

Over the last two decades, Ghanshyam has been a significant voice in promoting India and Indian corporates in many countries worldwide. He has travelled extensively across all continents and has been a speaker and participated in panel discussions and conferences (including World Economic Forum) in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and several countries in the Middle East, among others. He is also regularly invited to speak, lead and participate at various seminars and panel discussions organized by industry associations, leading institutions and regulatory bodies. Ghanshyam has been a strong advocate of sound corporate governance and high standards of transparency to the corporate sector in the region.

Ghanshyam joined NASDAQ OMX Group in 2000 and up until February 2009, he was Managing Director - Asia Pacific & Middle East, prior to which he was the General Manager and Chief Executive of Majan International Bank (a subsidiary of Commerz Bank A. G., Frankfurt, Germany) in the Sultanate of Oman. He also worked on several assignments, including the British Bank of the Middle East for two years as the Chief Executive Officer for its India operations, and with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation for over ten years as a Manager - South Asia & Middle East, Financial Institutions Group amongst other assignments.

In his early career, he spent over nine years with US Educational Foundation in India (as Research Assistant to a Senior Fullbright Scholar), Bank of India, Wells Fargo Bank N. A., (as Assistant Representative for India) and Marine Midland Bank, N.A, (before being seconded to Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, India in January 1986).