Earn being Idle!

Ziddu.com is pioneering into first of its kind concept called IDLE COMPUTING, a new age revolution that enables people to earn 24x7 even while they sleep.

Is it "Work from Home"? Its not! Its just earning being Idle!!

All that Ziddu does is it uses only the computation power (processing speed) of any PC or laptop and pays the user.

The promoter of this idea explains how it happens.

Meenavalli Venkat, the Founder CEO added, "There are doubts and apprehensions among many that once the access is given, Ziddu may pull out massive power from users and pays just modicum, data may be disturbed, and virus/spyware may attack the system. But it is not so. Let me explain this. Its as simple as this- what happens when someone is reading a book under a light and another one joins him to use the same light to read another book? Power consumed is the same either for one or two or many, as long as another light is not switched on. IDLE COMPUTING is almost the same. Its a right example for the optimum utilization of power across the world. It supports the green earth revolution to the fullest. Coming to data plagiarizing, Ziddu uses only the processing speed of the system and never enters into the zone of data. Finally, virus or spyware can never enter into the system as Ziddu is already certified by Semantic and Microsoft."

Right now Ziddu Pay App is available only on Windows, and the promoters say that they are shortly coming up to make it available on LINUX, Mac, Android and iPhone also.

Mr.Palacharla Srinivasu,
Meridian Tech Pte Ltd
Email: info@ziddu.com