Ziddu Aiming At NASDAQ

Ziddu.com, a cloud storage and Global content distribution platform operated by Singapore based company Meridian Pte Ltd, has cracked Alexa's list of the Top 10 Websites in Singapore, 100 websites in USA and 250 in the World. This makes Ziddu the most popular e-Distribution Platform in the World today. The list, determined by Amazon-owned web analytics firm Alexa, calculates the rankings using a combination of daily visitors to the site and page views.

Meenavalli Venkat, the founder CEO, is delighted Ziddu has cracked Alexa's top 100 in US. "To hear that Ziddu is now the World's most popular e-Distribution Platform shows we are the second site after Baidu to be in the top 100 of Alexa of US Market. We are the only site other than Baidu.com from Asia to reach top 100 sites of USA. Ziddu.com, being Singapore company with server-farm in UK and back office in India is truly Global site with biggest traffic in USA market followed by Global markets like Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, India, France and Italy.

Venkat says, "Reaching USA 100 Rank and Global rank below 300 has been one of my proudest moments in my last 7 years at Ziddu. We are in a pretty niche status and providing invaluable services to our global users have really helped us increase our reach". Venkat also adds, "We are also introducing strong content distribution platform with global micro payment system for Ziddu users to have fun and earn simultaneously. Apart from this, we all know many across the world distribute pamphlets and handouts as a part of business awareness. Now at Ziddu, we digitalized the process and make users distribute pamphlets online and earn. This is first of its kind in the world. This e-pamphlet distribution system has caught the wider attention and contributed towards the swift success of Ziddu in short span". Palacharla Srinivasu, the co-founder and chief architect says "Ziddu mission is to reach global audience beyond boundaries and regions and provide boundless valuable e-Distribution Platform. We, at Ziddu, are also aiming at NASDAQ shortly".

About Ziddu.com
Ziddu is world's leading content distribution platform and it offers free cloud storage for documents, photos, videos, audio and other stuff & can access them from mobile or PC anywhere across the world.

Today, Ziddu.com serves more than 100 million unique users per month across 225 countries with e-Distribution platform generates 3 Billion impressions per month. Aside from offering users a simple file sharing service, its renowned reliability, untouched data security and endless innovation makes Ziddu.com the go-to solution for business, bit and small. Ziddu users can earn points for content / News distribution. Ziddu is also integrating Games and Micro Payment system into its existing platform.

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